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Memoir of an extraordinary set of experiences involving surgery, weeks in a coma and then fighting to recover and learn to walk again. A story of the power of determination and positive attitude.

A motivational story.

Proceeds of the book to go to the Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals Charity.



"An inspirational and unforgettable memoir that will leave a lasting impact on you”

“Just beautiful. Very highly recommended."

“A captivating page-turner.”

“Compelling account of coming back from the very brink.”

“Written with intelligence, humour and wit.”


Eugene had never spent a day in hospital, except during the birth of his children, until he was diagnosed with an unusual and critical heart condition. A complication following open-heart surgery led to a traumatic near-death and medically induced coma. Life had changed in an instant. When he woke up a month later than he expected, he found himself surrounded by strangers, wires tubes and bandages everywhere on his emaciated body and barely recognised his own face. After the horrors of living nightmares during the coma, he struggled to return to reality – especially in enforced isolation caused by the covid pandemic.

However, miraculously he had survived. 

Follow this inspirational true story of how he fought back, faced up to the challenges of not being able to move, talk or walk and focused on getting his mind and body back on track.See how he came to terms with his own fragility and discovered that no matter how bleak it may seem at times, there is always hope and that through sheer determination and attitude you can find surprising reserves of resilience to do a little more each day. Even though life was not as before he turned negatives into positives, grabbing with both hands his second chance at life, fully determined to make it as good as it can be.

Share in his renewed enthusiasm for life, in his no nonsense approach and how within six months of leaving hospital on a stick, he rediscovered the joy of walking and completed an epic distance to fundraise to show his gratitude to the hospitals.

The journey continues.



Born in Belfast, Eugene lives with his family in London where he works as a commercial lawyer. As well as being a keen walker and an avid reader of an eclectic mix of subjects ranging from archaeology to zoology, Eugene regularly sets himself new challenges to ensure he remains active, positive and enthusiastic for life. This book is his first attempt at writing.


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